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I began to start my day.. … Pain free!!!!!

“I found out about Life Chiropractic Center through my daughter who is a patient here. I’ve suffered from chronic neck and lower back pain for many years. Traditional doctors suggested various medications for pain, however, I did not consider this course as an option.

Within the first week or two of treatment at the Life Chiropractic Center, I noticed a marked improvement in my condition. Mobility returned to my neck area, and in the morning, I began to start my day.. … Pain free!!!!!

After suffering the various “trials and tribulations” of a work day, the up beat, warm reception shown by the staff, is most welcomed … and always appreciated. I would most definitely recommend Chiropractic care to all my family and friends! Whether one suffers from chronic discomfort, or wishes to prevent problems later on in life,….. Life Chiropractic Center is the place to be!”

-Marilyn D

through Chiropractic medicine I have my life and am able to cope with my disease(MS)- DRUG FREE.

 “Hello, my name is Louise , I have Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS since 1985; I’ve been to Neurologists who prescribed Periactin, Zoloft, Betaseron and Avon which have failed me and told me to ‘have faith, it takes time to kick in’. I felt as though I was a guinea pig to them. I asked if I should see a Chiropractor and the idea was shot down immediately.

To the Neurologists dismay, I went to see Dr. Leo Beloyianis because I couldn’t move my head or neck side to side and my walking was getting harder without falling. We spoke and he had an idea of what my problem was, I was out of alignment and needed to be adjusted. I truly believe through Chiropractic medicine I have my life and am able to cope with my disease- DRUG FREE.

Thanks Dr. Leo for turning on the candle of life.”

-Louise D

The medication I was taking, I threw out, I didn’t need it anymore!

“Hi! My name is Carol and I just wanted to express to all of you who are skeptical about trying a chiropractor for the first time, please don’t be. I have tried just about everything from acupuncture to physical therapy for 7yrs. And I wasn’t feeling any different. The pain was still there and I started to gain a lot of weight. Aside from the depression that incurred and the fact that I hadn’t worked in almost 2yrs that is until I walked into Dr. Leo’s office desperate for some kind of miracle. You see I too was skeptic. After seeing Dr. Leo for 2wks. On the first Monday of the third week I started a new job. I had so much energy and no pain. The medication I was taking, I threw out, I didn’t need it anymore! He is my miracle and I am proud to state that his sincere caring attitude and the devotion he has shown me really made a big difference. If you don’t believe me just give him a chance, I can honestly say you won’t be disappointed. By the way I am still working and even taking on double shifts!!!!!

Skeptic No More, Now A True Believer”

-Carol R