I don’t believe the number one reason is because they wish to avoid neck/back pain or a blinding headache, I think most people visit a chiropractor because of a health complaint such as lumbago sciatica, numbness in the hand, leg weakness or cramps and in the process of discovering the cause of those unwanted symptoms the chiropractor might’ve done a computerized thermal scan that demonstrates not only the neurological affected area as a result of a spinal misalignment that we call a subluxation which is a vertebral segment that is not only displaced but is actually reducing its natural free flow that interferes with nerve transmission between brain and body. The patient may have been astonished to actually see the nerve disturbance in the scan and also the x-ray the chiropractor takes to see exactly which bone is out of position, the patient will then realize the interconnection not only to the muscles or joints where the complaint is but those nerves also go to tissues organs and systems and they will then realize that their backache, neck pain or headaches are actually warning signs from the body’s wisdom that there is a lack of communication between brain and body. After the problem is resolved by the chiropractor finding the subluxation and making the correction thus reducing the nerve disturbance the natural healing power is fully restored to the body so most people feel lighter or more energetic, less stressed, they reduce their intake of medication or stop taking the unnecessary medication and sleep better at night therefor they continue to receive preventative care and get adjusted with some regularity, whether it be once a month, once every three  weeks or once every two weeks to keep their spine in alignment and keep them connected to their natural flow of healing power and keep open communication between brain and body.